Launch of Phase 2 Engagement: OPR and Filing Manuals Review

June 17, 2024

We have officially launched Phase 2 Engagement for the Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR) and Filing Manuals (FM) Review Project.

The OPR and FM Review is part of our ongoing efforts to increase predictability for all parties and improve efficiency for our regulatory processes. This is the first comprehensive review of the OPR since 1999.

The Onshore Pipeline Regulations are the main rules CER-regulated companies must follow to design, build and operate a pipeline. The Filing Manuals explain what pipeline companies must include in an application for a potential project. This review focuses on the Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment and Lands sections of the Filing Manual and Electricity Filing Manual. 

Topic Papers for Discussion

We have released 13 technical topic papers to generate discussion and solicit feedback to inform regulatory improvements. These topic papers will be used to guide conversations throughout the second phase of engagement with industry, landowners, Indigenous communities, and other interested parties.

Enhancing the participation of Indigenous peoples in our regulatory processes

As a part of this engagement, the CER is now accepting proposals from Indigenous-led organizations to host their own community engagement sessions. This project is part of our commitment to Reconciliation and our continued work on implementing the UNDA and Action Plan Measure 34.

Learn more about this exciting initiative on our project page or our CER Dialogue page.

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