CSA Z662 Public Review

24 January 2022

CSA Group is drafting their latest edition of the CSA Z662 oil and gas pipeline systems safety standard. Anyone may provide feedback on the CSA public review website. To access the document and provide comments, please visit CSA's website. Please note that you must register for this external site to comment and the site is not linked to other CSA sites. Comments will be accepted until March 5, 2022.

CER staff participate on CSA’s technical committees and have contributed to this latest update. Our Onshore Pipeline Regulations include CSA Z662, and together, these both help to keep pipelines and facilities we regulate running safely. The CSA Z662 standard provides minimum requirements related to a pipeline’s design, construction, operation, maintenance, deactivation, and abandonment. This safety standard is updated regularly to assure the latest safety needs in the industry are being met.

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