Update: Enbridge 36 inch line has returned to service at a reduced operating pressure

November 9, 2018

As of November 1, Enbridge confirmed that they had completed repairs to the ruptured 36 inch natural gas pipeline and had commenced the process to return the line to service. The 36 inch line is now operating at a reduced pressure as required by the NEB’s Amended Inspection Officer Order, issued on October 23, 2018.  NEB pipeline integrity and safety staff were on site to oversee the repair process.

It is the responsibility of Enbridge to ensure that its system complies with regulatory requirements and is safe to operate. The restricted operating pressure (ROP) will remain in place until the company can satisfactorily demonstrate to the NEB, through an Engineering Assessment completed in accordance with the Canadian Pipeline Standard CSA Z662 that the 36 inch line is fit for service to safely operate at a pressure higher than the ROP.

The root causes and contributing factors of this incident have not yet been released by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), the lead agency for the investigation. The NEB continues to support the TSB in its investigation. Details of the TSB investigation can be found on the TSB’s website.  

NEB pipeline integrity staff continue to review Enbridge’s Integrity Management Program, which includes how the company is monitoring the condition of the pipeline following its repair.  NEB technical staff’s on-site observations and analysis, and further information that continues to be provided by the company, is informing the NEB’s rigorous regulatory oversight of the company’s pressure control of the line to support ongoing safe operations of the pipeline system.

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