Electricity – Export Applications

The Canada Energy Regulator’s (CER) electricity mandate is set out in the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CER Act). This mandate includes the regulation of electricity exports as well as the construction and operation of international power lines and designated inter-provincial power lines.

Companies must have authorization before exporting electricity to the United States. There are two types of application processes.

If there are no specific contracts or export sales arrangements in place, and the term requested is ten years or less, companies can apply for an electricity export permit through the CER’s Online Application System (OAS). CER Staff often refer to this as a blanket permit process.

Alternatively, where a term of ten years or more is requested and where export sales arrangements or contracts are in place, as is usually the case for both contract specific sales and border accommodations, companies cannot apply through OAS. The requirements for electricity permit applications that meet these criteria are set out in the regulations.

Power line applications require a separate application process.


Online Application System (OAS)

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