Electricity Export Application Service Standards

Electricity Export Application Service Standards [PDF 71 KB]

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9 February 2007

To: All international electricity exporters and interested parties

The National Energy Board's Electricity Export Application Service Standards

One of the key strategies in the National Energy Board's Strategic Plan for 2007-2010 s to improve regulatory processes. The Board recognizes that an important aspect of efficient and effective regulation includes timeline certainty for processing of applications. The Board has recently updated its service standards[1] providing clients with increased clarity and timeliness regarding the cycle time for processing electricity export applications. Service standards are used by the Board to track, report on and improve processes.

[1] The previous service standard was that 80% of all routine complete applications would be processed in 75 days.

The Board will now categorize each electricity export application into one of three categories based on the complexity of the issues associated with the application. Depending on the category assigned, each application will have a target date for release of the Board's decision. In the case of electricity export applications, applicants are required to notify the public through a Notice of Application/Directions on Procedure (NOA/DOP)[2]. Within 10 days of the successful completion of the NOA/DOP period, the Board will contact applicants to advise which category was assigned to the application and the expected date for release of the Board's decision. The cycle time for each category starts the day following the completion of the NOA/DOP period and excludes any time-out periods. Time-outs are periods of time which the Board has limited or no control over the processing of the application. For example, if an applicant has been asked to provide additional information, a time-out is the period of time between the target response date set by the Board and the date on which the applicant provides its response.

[2] NOA/DOP requirements are described in detail by the Electricity Memorandum of Guidance to Interested Parties Concerning Full Implementation of the September 1988 Canadian Electricity Policy.

The following table summarizes the new service standards for electricity export applications:

Category Complexity of Issues Electricity Export Decision Release
A Minor 80 per cent of decisions released within 40 calendar days following the completion of the NOA/DOP period
B Moderate 80 per cent of decisions released within 90 calendar days following the completion of the NOA/DOP period
C Major No service standard

Category C applications are very complex and can be precedent setting. As such, the Board has not defined a service standard as the decision timelines are highly variable for these rare applications.

For more information, the Board has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document regarding electricity export application service standards.

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