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Access and Explore Energy Futures Data

Datasets related to EF2021:

  • Figure Data: Download the EF2021 figure data [EXCEL 365 KB]
  • Data Appendix: The Energy Futures Data Appendix has customizable, downloadable tables arranged by variable (macroeconomic drivers, end-use demand, crude oil production, etc.) and publication year.
  • Machine Readable Files: Looking to download all of the EF2021 data at once? It is available on Open Government.

Energy Futures Fact Sheets

  • Deep dive into the projections with more detailed datasets, including monthly projections for:

EF2021 Overview | Electricity | Energy Demand | Conventional Oil | Natural Gas | Natural Gas Liquids | Oil Sands

Explore Energy Futures – Interactive Data Visualization

Explore Canada’s Energy Future with an interactive tool that allows users to visualize, download, and share the data behind long-term energy outlooks.

Student Resources

In partnership with Ingenium, the CER developed educational activities based on Canada’s forecasted energy demand and supply.

Targeted at students between the grades of 9 and 11, the activities encourage students and educators to explore Canada’s energy ecosystem using an interactive tool. This tool allows users explore how the future of energy in Canada over the long term. The material and student resources are available here.

Data Science with Open Data

Partnered with Fireside Analytics, this course is an introduction to Data Science with Open Data sets and R Studio. Learners will learn common buzzwords used in Data Science and will do hands-on labs visualizing and analyzing Open Data from the Canada’s Energy Future series. This course is designed for learners who are new to computer programming and data science.

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