Best Available Technologies: Engagement Survey

In February 2015, the National Energy Board (NEB) received a Ministerial request pursuant to Part II of the NEB Act to study and develop a report on the application of “best available technologies” (BAT) used in federally-regulated pipeline projects. In its study, the NEB was asked to consider construction methods, materials, emergency response techniques and emerging technological developments.

External engagement has been previously sought to understand BAT and emerging technologies related to pipeline construction, materials, and emergency response techniques. In April 2016 the BAT project was amended to include environmental considerations. Presently, the NEB is working to meet this request by seeking input from industry, academia, government, and other experts to better understand the best available and emerging technologies as they relate to emergency management and protecting the environment in federally-regulated pipelines.

The following survey should take approximately 15 minutes and asks a series of questions related to technologies that mitigate impacts to the environment caused by the construction and operation of pipelines and associated facilities. The information you provide will be aggregated with other responses and included in a final report. Your participation will help shape a report regarding BAT in federally-regulated pipelines for the Minister of Natural Resources and publication on the NEB website.

The BAT external engagement survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest

For additional information please contact the BAT project authority at

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