CER finds NEBC Connector Project application complete

More information needed on cumulative effects

August 31, 2022

The Commission of the CER has found that NorthRiver Midstream’s application is sufficiently complete to proceed to a hearing, but the company needs to provide more information regarding the cumulative effects assessment for the project. The proposed project includes the construction and operation of two parallel pipelines that are approximately 213 km long.

The Commission recognizes that the landscape or context within which this project is to be assessed has changed as a result of Yahey v. British Columbia, the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the CER’s commitment to Reconciliation. To better understand the project context within this changed landscape, the Commission of the CER implemented several process steps since the application was filed in November 2021 that included:

  • Three rounds of information requests, including two for more information on upstream development, a community-by-community assessment of Indigenous and Treaty rights and NorthRiver Midstream’s proposed offset plan.
  • A process workshop to discuss proposed hearing steps and the draft List of Issues. View the summary report.
  • A technical workshop regarding the assessment of cumulative effects for the project. The purpose of the workshop was for participants to identify, define, and discuss collaboratively what additional filing requirements or guidance regarding the assessment of cumulative effects for the project may be necessary. View the workshop transcripts.

Having considered the comments received before, during and following the technical workshop, the Commission finds that NorthRiver Midstream must provide information on various topics including:

  • Baseline - NorthRiver is required to provide a regional historic overview and information on publicly accessible Crown land.
  • Upstream development - NorthRiver must provide additional information on upstream development including updated estimates for upstream development in association with the project.
  • Rights of Indigenous Peoples - NorthRiver must explain how it has considered and incorporated Indigenous knowledge into its assessment processes and on how NorthRiver plans to monitor socio-cultural factors of importance to Indigenous Peoples.
  • Offsets - NorthRiver is required to provide an offset plan that includes a number of elements for example a summary of the consultation with Indigenous Peoples to develop this plan.

This additional information must be filed by October 11, 2022. The Commission will issue a hearing order in the coming weeks outlining the process steps to proceed with an assessment of the application including timelines.

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