CER Order stops clearing activities on Trans Mountain expansion project

June 04, 2021

On June 3, 2021, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) issued an Inspection Officer Order to Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC. In it, Trans Mountain was told to immediately stop all clearing activities on the expansion project including mowing, brushing and felling trees. The Order will be in place until the specified measures have been fulfilled to the satisfaction of an Inspection Officer.

The Order requires Trans Mountain to investigate and find the root cause for why there were two incidents related to contractor oversight issues in May. Both incidents involved contractors doing work without authorization resulting in potential or actual damage to the environment. A copy of the investigation report must be submitted to the CER within a week of the order being received (June 10, 2021).

Trans Mountain must show the CER that they have a process for making sure all workers involved in clearing activities, including supervisors, are trained and competent. Trans Mountain must also be able to prove that work is being done in a way that protects the environment, and more specifically, that workers are following Trans Mountain's own procedures and mitigation practices to protect the environment and migratory birds.

Preventing harm is the foundation of how the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) keeps people safe and protects the environment. We hold companies accountable to some of the strictest environmental standards in the world. These standards protect water, air, habitats, animals, plants, and farmland throughout the life of energy projects, such as pipelines and international power lines.

The complete Inspection Officer Order can be found on the CER’s website.

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