Inspection Officer Order (Amendment No. 2) issued to Enbridge allowing increase to Restricted Operating Pressure (ROP) on 36 inch line

November 16, 2018

On 13 November 2018, Westcoast applied to vary Specified Measures (a) and (b) of Inspection Officer Order NB-001-2018 (Amendment No. 1) to request an incremental increase to the Restricted Operating Pressure (ROP) to provide stability and reliability of gas supply to the region and to propose a modified schedule for implementation of the overpressure protection system (OPP) of 45 days, respectively. Based on an evaluation of the information provided by Westcoast, which includes a structured Engineering Assessment supporting the increase in the ROP, and details on Westcoast’s modified schedule for implementation of OPP, the Inspection Office approved the request.

Inspection Officer Order NB-001-2018 (Amendment No. 2) was issued to Westcoast on November 16, 2018 to replace in its entirety, the previously issued amended Inspection Officer Order.

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