Protecting the Environment


At the Canada Energy Regulator, we hold companies to some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world.

They must follow all rules in the CER Act, and its regulations.

They also have to follow any Canadian requirements, including the ones for the cities and provinces where they operate.

Our work protect habitats, animals, plants, water and farmland, and controls air emissions from projects

We also expect companies to work with Indigenous Peoples and learn from their knowledge to protect the environment.

During the application process; companies must submit a plan for how the environment will be protected if their project is approved.

We listen to people who have any information or concerns that could improve the final project.

Next, our environmental specialists review all the information. They look at how the company will protect:

  • Plants
  • Animals and species at risk
  • Wetlands and waterways
  • Heritage resources

And traditional use of land and water by indigenous peoples

Before a project gets the green light, we often add extra requirements to make sure the project is even safer.

During construction and operation, companies must report to us on the steps they are taking to protect the environment.

Our highly trained inspectors make sure companies are doing what they promised

We work alongside Indigenous Monitors on many inspections to build Indigenous perspectives into our findings.

Inspectors look for things like:

  • Handling of soil
  • Weed and erosion control
  • Chemical storage and
  • Waste management

Companies must replant and repair areas impacted by projects during construction, and resolve environmental issues during construction and over the life of their projects.

Finally, we make sure the environment is protected when a project is no longer needed.

We even make sure money is set aside in case something comes up in the future.

Want to learn more about environmental protection and how the CER works for you? Visit us online or contact us directly.

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