Canadian Energy Regulator Onshore Pipeline Regulations

The Canadian Energy Regulator Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR) are made under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act. Companies are responsible for meeting the requirements of the OPR to manage safety, security and environmental protection throughout the entire lifecycle of their facilities, from design, through to construction, operation and abandonment.

Regulation Review

NEWOnshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR) Review

The CER is conducting a comprehensive review of the OPR under the CER Act to update the regulations. The CER’s objective for the OPR Review is to deliver a regulation that supports the highest level of safety, security and environmental protection, advances Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, addresses transparency and inclusive participation, provides for predictable and timely oversight and encourages innovation. The CER conducted the first phase of engagement in 2022, with a Discussion Paper and engagement sessions. Submissions received, and a What We Heard report are available on the CER Dialogue website.

The CER is also updating various sections of its Filing Manuals to reflect changing requirements, conditions, regulations, industry practices, and feedback received from regulated companies, Indigenous Peoples and other interested persons or groups. The CER will be coordinating engagement activities for the Review of the OPR and Filing Manuals, to share learnings and consolidate input across common topics areas. When available, details on how and when to participate in the next phase of engagement will be posted on the CER Dialogue website.

How to participate

NEW – The CER has released a What We Heard report and all of the feedback we received in our first engagement phase for the OPR Review (2023-04-20)


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