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Welcome to Canada’s Energy Future 2021

Canada’s Energy Future is a yearly report that explores possible energy futures for Canadians over the long term. It covers all provinces and territories, and all energy commodities like oil, solar, wind, and more. This year, we introduce net-zero modelling for the first time. We do this by examining six possible electricity scenarios in a zero emission world. We use economic and energy models to make projections about the future. We also make assumptions about certain trends. Trends like climate policies, technology, and even consumer behaviour.

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So, what does this all mean for Canada’s energy system? Our scenario projections and energy models look at all types of energy in Canada from now until 2050. We focus on a scenario that assumes more climate action in Canada and the world. We also look at what may be needed to reach net-zero emissions in the electricity system by 2050.

New to Energy Futures 2021

Towards Net-Zero

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Six zero-emisson scenarios for Canada’s electricity sector.


A first look at a key fuel source in the transition to a net-zero future.

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Dive into our scenarios and explore impacts by region, sector, commodity, and more with this interactive visualization.

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