ARCHIVED – Land Matters Group Subcommittee on Landowner Guidance – 9 February 2016

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Meeting at NEB Conference Centre
Tuesday, 09 February 2016
8:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (MST)

In Attendance

In Attendance

Drew Black, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Dana Cornea, NEB (Director)

Evan Wilson, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Jamie Ballem, NEB (Board Member)

Heather Spencer, Natural Resources Canada – via telephone

Johanna Tremblay, NEB (Administrative)

Humphrey Banack, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Lisa Zaplachinski, NEB (Note Taker)

Elvin Gowman, BC Farmers’ Advocate

Marc-André Plouffe, NEB (Director, Montreal Regional Office) – via telephone

Isabelle Bouffard, Union des producteurs agricoles

Michael Benson, NEB

Jeff Paetz, CEPA – Enbridge

Murray Lytle, NEB (Board Member)

Judi Leeming, BC Farmers’ Advocate

Paul Georgison, NEB

Lisanne Bazinet, Natural Resources Canada (afternoon portion)

Ruth Mills, NEB

Pierre Lemieux, Union des producteurs agricoles

Thea Wingert, NEB

Stephen Smith, Alberta Energy Regulator

Tom Neufeld, NEB (VP Strategic Communications)

Annette Hester, NEB

Tracy Sletto, NEB (VP, Applications)

Anne-Marie Erickson, NEB

Whitney Punchak, NEB (Meeting Chair)

Brian Martin, NEB (Director, Vancouver Regional Office) – via telephone

Meeting Items

  • 1. Introduction
    • Introduction by Dana Cornea.
  • 2. Welcome
    • Welcome by Tracy Sletto
  • 3. Review agenda
    • Agenda approved
  • 4. Current priorities round table
  • NEB (Dana Cornea): Provided an update of recent NEB highlights
    • 28 September 2015: Board started posting compliance verification activities online
    • 24 December 2015: Speech from Board Chair on modernization at the NEB
    • 15 January 2016: NEB makes Ministerial Briefing Binder available
    • 25 January 2016: Board releases its 2014-15 Departmental Performance Report on its fiscal year plan
    • 27 January 2016: The Government of Canada has introduced five principles that will guide its decision-making on major natural resource projects while the Government undertakes a review of environmental assessment processes
    • 27 January 2016: Board releases Canada’s Energy Future 2016: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2040
    • 5 February 2016: Board directed NEB-regulated companies to identify and report on the potentially substandard materials being used during pipeline construction and operation
    • 8 February 2016: Board directed Group 1 companies to file updated abandonment cost estimates [Filing A75466] by September 2016
    • Coming on 19 June 2016: The Damage Prevention regulations
    • Coming in Spring 2016: Expected release of the Board’s Damage Prevention Framework
  • NEB (Brian Martin and Marc-André Plouffe): Update on Vancouver and Montreal regional NEB offices
    • Each office will be staffed to do community engagement, communications, and operations.
    • Offices will be used to raise awareness and build stronger relations with Canadians.
    • LMG Steering Committee Members in BC and QC are encouraged to connect with the regional offices’ directors.
  • NEB (Tom Neufeld):
    • Provided an update on the Board’s National Engagement Initiative Report.
  • NEB (Annette Hester):
    • Provided an update on the Board’s data and information management analysis project.
    • Annette invited the LMG Steering Committee to provide input into how the Board can best present data and information.
  • NEB (Paul Georgison):
    • Confirmed that the Damage Prevention Regulations are expected on 19 June 2016.
    • Confirmed that the NEB will come to the LMG Steering Committee for input on how we can create and provide NEB’s guidance on the damage prevention regulations to landowners.
  • Round table:
    • Updates were received from all participants.
  • 5. Discussion paper: Regulations Respecting Pipeline Liability
    • Natural Resources Canada (Heather–Spencer):
    • Provided an update on the implementation of the Pipeline Safety Act (Bill C-46) that was approved on 18 June 2015.
    • Natural Resources Canada is leading the development of the financial regulation that will apply to pipeline companies.
  • 6. Overview of the NEB’s Land Matters Strategy
    • Provided an overview on Land Matters Strategy.
    • Confirmed that following the LMG Steering Committee meeting in November NEB staff began working on how the LMG could be renewed. This work continued throughout the month of December and in January the staff’s work was presented to the Board and executives.
    • The renewal of the LMG would be completed under the umbrella of an overarching Land Matters Strategy.
    • Confirmed that the LMG will have an opportunity to contribute to developing the policies and initiatives portion of the strategy.
  • 7. Review the LMG’s Terms of Reference and discuss revitalizing the LMG
    • Discussion on renewing the LMG Terms of Reference, including membership, role of the Steering Committee and organizational structure.
    • Noted that the LMG membership is broad, consisting of members of the public and industry who have vested interests in land matters and are impacted by company activities regulated by the NEB. The LMG Steering Committee is a smaller subset of the LMG that provides strategic advice regarding the fulfillment of the LMG Terms of Reference.
    • NEB committed to seeking input from the NEB Steering Committee on a draft Terms of Reference and Membership Recruitment Strategy for review of the LMG Steering committee before finalizing with the Board.
  • 8. Discussion on creating an Engagement Plan for confirming a list of Land Matters to discuss with the LMG
    • Discussion on how the NEB should engage the LMG to develop a list of land matter issues to inform the proposed policy agenda (i.e., Policies & Initiatives portion of the Land Matters Strategy).
  • 9. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm MST.
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