Detailed Route, Variances & Realignments

Detailed route hearings are held where a valid objection to the detailed route exists. The Commission of the Canada Energy Regulator (Commission) determines whether the proposed location of the pipeline is the best possible route, and whether the proposed methods and timing of construction are the most appropriate.

Construction of the project can only proceed on lands where the detailed route has been approved, and applicable conditions have been met.

Landowners whose lands would be crossed by the pipeline, as well as Indigenous peoples and other persons whose lands may be adversely affected, were able to object to Trans Mountain’s proposed detailed route. The Commission assessed these objections, known as Statements of Opposition, according to the criteria set out in its decision on resuming regulatory processes for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project) [Filing C00593].

In summer 2019, Trans Mountain filed the paperwork, known as its Plan, Profile, and Book of Reference (PPBoR) for the entire proposed Project route [Folder 3808418] . The PPBoR shows the proposed detailed route, as well as the landowners and occupants for over 2,500 tracts of land required for the Project. These tracts are grouped on nearly 400 PPBoR sheets, which each require approval of the Commission.

All detailed route hearings for the project are now completed, though certain decisions are pending. See these CER webpages for detailed, segment-specific information about the status of PPBoR sheet approvals and for information regarding each of the detailed route hearings.

ARCHIVED – Detailed Route, Variances & Realignments

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