Canada's Energy Future

Energy Futures Team

The Energy Futures series explores how possible energy futures might unfold for Canadians over the long term.

In addition to our own quantitative analysis, the CER consults with industry, various government and non-governmental organizations, and academia in developing Canada’s Energy Future reports.


See the latest version of Energy Futures. Or, curious how our assumptions and results have changed over the last several years? Explore our Reports from as far back as 2007.


Our supplemental reports ensure thorough analysis of various possible future outcomes.


Choose to download the entire Energy Futures data set, explore the interactive visualization, or customize a smaller dataset by commodity and report year.

Students are exploring Canada’s energy Future

Resources for students and links to teacher’s guide.

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Explore our reports from as far back as 2007

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Supplements and Methods

This data supplement shares additional information on specific topics not included in the original report.

The EF2023 Method provides details about each model that creates the report.

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Download customized data from our projections

Try this interactive data tool and see what stories you can tell

Machine Readable Files: The EF data can be downloaded all at the same time from Open Gov.

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