Leave to Open Applications

Before a pipeline or section of a pipeline can operate, companies need to apply for and be granted leave to open (LTO). The Commission must be satisfied that the pipeline is safe to use before it will grant LTO orders to a company.

Trans Mountain has applied for a series of LTO orders, and received approval for all 42 applications. The company’s LTO applications reflect pipeline spreads and facilities such as pump stations or tanks. 

Trans Mountain requires LTO for its pipeline components and facilities to transport oil from near Edmonton, AB, to the tanker loading facilities at Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC.

Below is a table with LTO applications that Trans Mountain has submitted and the status of each.

LTO applications that Trans Mountain has submitted and the status of each

Pipeline Spread/Facility




Spread 1

[Filing C17898]

Mainline Spread 1 piping (49 km)

LTO Decision No. 2 issued
[Filing C20681]

Spread 2

[Filing C24704]

Mainline Spread 2 piping (KP 49 to 338)

LTO Decision No. 25 issued
[Filing C29151]

Spread 3

[Filing C27397]

Mainline Spread 3 piping (KP 489 – 610)

LTO Decision No. 24 issued
[Filing C29145]

Spread 4A
Spread 4B

[Filing C27223]

[Filing C27030]

Mainline Spread 4A (KP 610 – 690)

Mainline Spread 4B (KP 690 – 765)

LTO Decision No. 28 issued
[Filing C29228]

Spread 5A
Spread 5B

[Filing C26966]

Mainline Spread 5A Part 1 (KP 806 to 851 and 857 to 908)

LTO Decision No. 29 issued
[Filing C29335]

[Filing C27999]

Mainline Spread 5A Part 2 (KP 908 to 954)

[Filing C28178]

Mainline Spread 5A Part 3 (KP 954 to 987)

[Filing C28421]

Mainline Spread 5A Part 4 (KP 851 to 857

[Filing C28465]

Mainline Spread 5B Part 1 (KP 987 to 1076)

[Filing C28576]

Mainline Spread 5B Part 2 (KP 991 to 1069)

[Filing C28831][Filing C29170]
[Filing C29217]

Mainline Spread 5B Part 3 {KP 1064 to 1067)

LTO Decision No. 31 issued
[Filing C29467]

Spread 6

[Filing C28740]

Mainline Spread 6 (KP 1075 to 1128)

LTO Decision No. 30 issued
[Filing C29424]

Spread 7A
Spread 7B

[Filing C28608] Spread 7A (KP 1128 to 1164)

[Filing C28805]

Spread 7B (KP 1165 to 1180)

Westridge Delivery Lines [Filing C28267] Westridge Delivery Lines LTO Decision No. 23 issued
[Filing C29109]

Reactivation Segment

[Filing C23910]

Reconfiguration piping at the Jasper Pump Station

LTO Decision No. 12 issued
[Filing C27855]

Pump Stations

[Filing C24543]

Edmonton Pump Station

LTO Decision No. 15 issued
[Filing C28374]

[Filing C20261]
[Filing C23370]

Alberta Pump Stations: Wolf, Hinton, Edson, and Gainford; Mainline piping within Edson and Gainford

LTO Decision No. 5 issued for Wolf and Hinton
[Filing C22521]
LTO Decision No. 16 Edson/Gainford
[Filing C28384]

[Filing C23366]

Mainline piping within Hinton Pump Station (and variance request)

LTO Decision No. 20 issued
[Filing C28765]

[Filing C23910]

Reconfiguration piping at the Jasper Pump Station

LTO Decision No. 12 issued
[Filing C27855]

[Filing C22666]

[Filing C28301]

Ancillary Line 2 facilities at the Hargreaves Trap Site, the Darfield Pump Station, and the Hope Pump Station

Darfield Pump Station Supplementary (52m)

LTO Decision No. 7 issued
[Filing C24559]

LTO Decision No. 18 issued (Darfield Supplementary)
[Filing C28596]

LTO Decision No. 19 issued
[Filing C28757]

[Filing C20968]

Blue River, McMurphy and Blackpool Pump Stations

LTO Decision No. 4 issued
[Filing C22481]

[Filing C23371]

Mainline piping with Blue River, McMurphy and Blackpool Pump Stations (and variance request)

LTO Decision No. 22 issued
[Filing C29092]

[Filing C20555]

[Filing C24576]

Black Pines Pump 1 and 2 Pump Stations, and associated piping and facilities

LTO Decision No. 3 issued
[Filing C21908]

LTO Decision No. 17 issued
[Filing C28539]

LTO Decision No. 19 issued
[Filing C28757]

[Filing C22686]

Kamloops and Kingsvale Pump Stations

LTO Decision No. 9 issued
[Filing C25449]

Burnaby Terminal

[Filing C25346]
[Filing C26005]

Tanks 75, 77, 79
Tanks 74, 76, 78, 80, 91 & 93

LTO Decision No. 11 issued
[Filing C27777]

[Filing C26336]

Tanks 89, 95, 97

LTO Decision No. 13 issued
[Filing C28341]

Edmonton Terminal

[Filing C18039]

Delivery Manifold

LTO Decision No. 1 issued
[Filing C18512]

[Filing C23297]

Meter Bank 5 Area

LTO Decision No. 6 issued
[Filing C24409]

[Filing C23793]

West Tank Area and West Tank Utility Area

LTO Decision No. 10 issued
[Filing C25548]

Sumas Terminal

[Filing C26362]

Sumas Terminal Manifold Piping

LTO Decision No. 14 issued
[Filing C28353]

[Filing C28342]

Sumas Terminal Tank 100

LTO Decision No. 26 issued
[Filing C29165]

Westridge Marine Terminal

[Filing C23746]

Berth 1 facilities

LTO Decision No. 8 issued
[Filing C25003]

[Filing C23797]

Temporary Product Piping

[Filing C27831]

Berth 2 and certain Berth 1 Facilities

LTO Decision No. 21 issued
[Filing C28838]

[Filing C27856]

Berth 3 facilities

LTO Decision No. 27 issued
[Filing C29208]

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