NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. – GPML Loop No. 4 (Valhalla North Section) and Berland River CS C3 Unit Addition

Saskatchewan River Crossing during autumn golden hour of the Icefields Parkway

Project Summary

The Project is to provide additional capacity to meet the incremental design flow requirements from the West of Saddle Area, which is part of the greater Peace River Project Area, in order to replace declining production elsewhere on the NGTL System and meet growing delivery requirements. The Project involves the installation of 33 kilometers of NPS 48 pipe and a new 30 MW Electric compressor. The Valhalla North Section Project Development Area (PDA) is a 75 m-wide assessment corridor, which includes a minimum 42 meter-wide construction corridor plus up to an additional 33 meters for temporary workspace to accommodate construction activities and safe vehicle and equipment movement. The total land area required to construct the Valhalla North Section is approximately 259.6 ha. Of that, approximately 79% of the route parallels existing disturbances including pipeline Right of Rows (ROW). The PDA is located on provincial Crown land (95%) and private land (5%) within Saddle Hills County and Grande Prairie County No. 1. The PDA for the Berland River C3 Unit Addition is 14.2 ha, consisting of the compressor station unit addition, permanent access road, temporary workspace, and the existing compressor station. Parallel includes where the proposed ROW is parallel and adjacent to existing dispositions including pipeline ROWs and powerline easements as calculated by Midwest Surveys Inc. The targeted in-service date for the Project is April 2026.

Timeline and Documents

Project Maps

Proposed Pipeline RoW

NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. – Proposed Pipeline RoW map

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Proposed Meter Station Expansion

NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. – Meter Station Expansion map

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