Filing Manual – Guide F – Change of Service or Increase In Maximum Operating Pressure (OPR s. 43)

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Section 43 of the OPR states:

If a company proposes a change of service or an increase in the maximum operating pressure for the pipeline, the company shall submit an application for the change or increase to the [CER].


The application includes technical information with respect to the proposed change in service or increase in maximum operating pressure (MOP), as well as identifies all potential impacts.

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F.1 Filing Requirements – Engineering

1. Confirm project activities will follow the requirements of the latest version of CSA Z662.

2. Provide details of the current state of service and proposed service.

3. Provide an engineering assessment in accordance with CSA Z662 demonstrating the integrity of the pipeline system and its suitability for the proposed service, and identifying the updates and revisions which will be incorporated into the Integrity Management Program.

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F.2 Filing Requirements – Environment and Socio-economic Assessment

1. Describe how the effects have already been considered in an ESA by the Commission; or

2. If the environmental and socio-economic effects have not been addressed by a previous ESA, provide the filing requirements outlined in Guide A, section A.2.

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F.3 Filing Requirements – Economics and Finance

Provide the necessary economic information as outlined in Guide A, section A.3.



Any application for a change in service or change in MOP should meet the minimum requirements as set out in CSA Z662.

A change of service occurs when the fluids being transported by the pipeline are changed. CSA Z662 defines “service fluid” as “the fluid contained, for the purposes of transportation, in an in-service pipeline system”.

To clarify, a change in flow direction or pressure of the pipeline contents does not constitute a change in service.


To address the environmental and socio-economic effects of a change in service or increase in MOP that have not been previously assessed, applicants are referred to Guide A, section A.2. Applicants should carefully review the sections discussing the scoping of the ESA and the level of detail required. Appropriate scoping ensures the ESA will focus on relevant issues and concerns, and assists in determining the appropriate level of effort to be used to prepare the ESA.

Next Steps...

File the completed application. Applicants are encouraged to include the completed relevant checklists from Appendix 1.

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