Electricity Filing Manual Update Record

Electricity Filing Manual Update Record [PDF 148 KB]

On 6 August 2020 the Filing Manuals were updated to reflect the coming into force of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act of August 28th, 2019. The following table addresses updates to the Filing Manual made since that date.

Electricity Filing Manual updates





  • Consequential Amendments arising from the coming into Force of the CER Act
  • Same


  • Updated Remediation Guide link, Table 6-2, Soil and Soil Productivity
  • Same
  • Broken links repaired.


  • 8.5 S. 322 Notices: removed point #2 as refers to obsolete Guide:
    “2. Confirm that all notices served or proposed to be served on owners of land pursuant to the requirements of section 322(1) of the CER Act include a copy of the CER publication titled: Landowner Guide
  • Same
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has made updates to its Strategic Assessment of Climate Change (SACC). To reflect these updates in the CER Filing Manual, the following minor revisions were made in Table 6-2 (GHG Emissions and Climate Change, and Assessment of Upstream GHG Emissions sections) and 7-1 (Economics and Financing):
    • replaced the SACC hyperlinks to the most current version (October SACC)
    • included guidance around a credible plan to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050, and adding reference to section 5.3 of the SACC for additional details
    • included guidance around a credible plan to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050 in the Economics and Financing section; and same
    • other small edits to align with the SACC wording, and the reference to SACC technical guides
  • Same
  • Changed “Appropriate Dispute Resolution” changed to “Alternative Dispute Resolution” in List of Abbreviations, A.2
  • Updated CER mailing address updated to numeric in all occurrences, i.e., 210-517 10 Ave SW Calgary AB  T2R 0A8
  • Same
  • Section 1.4 (Confidential Filing) extensively revised after public comment period
  • Minor edits to improve consistency of Filing Requirements formatting
  • Same
  • Updated Step 6 of the Early Engagement Guide
  • Included a link to the CER’s Statement of Concern form
  • Same
  • All instances of “proponent” changed to “applicant”
  • All instances of “promoteur” changed to “demandeur”.
  • All instances of “Indigenous peoples” changed to “Indigenous Peoples”
  • All instances of “Indigenous communities” changed to “Indigenous Nations”
  • Table 6-2 – Filing Requirements for Biophysical Elements entry for GHG Emissions and Climate change extensively updated for consistency with ECCC’s October 2020 version of the Strategic Assessment of Climate Change and draft Technical Guides. The updates provide further precision and refinement in the areas of scalability, project lifetime, credible net-zero emissions plan, and avoided emissions and offset credits
  • New section 6.9 – Supplemental guidance on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change created to provide additional context for applicants on GHG emissions and climate change assessments in relation to CER-regulated projects
  • Table 7-1 – Filing Requirements for Economics and Financing updated to reference “those laws and regulations that are reasonably expected to come into force … “
  • Same
  • “there is no potential for the rights of Indigenous Peoples to be affected by the project” added to list of conditions under No or Negligible Environmental or Socio-economic Effects in section 5.4
  • Same
  • Copyright page on pdf version updated
  • Links to Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Guidance Notes updated
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