How we regulate

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The CER has a robust Regulatory Framework that provides the structure around which all of our activities take place. It includes the system of laws, regulatory documents and guidance used to regulate the parts of Canada’s energy industry that fall within our scope of authority. It also includes the regulatory approaches that evolve over time and guide our work.


Regulatory Improvements

Comments and Suggestions

The CER welcomes feedback on the content of the Regulatory Framework at any time.

What you need to know

Regulatory Framework 101

Read a full description of the Regulatory Framework, including what the CER regulates, our regulatory approaches and how the Regulatory Framework is managed.

Acts and Regulations

Access the acts, regulations and other key regulatory documents that apply to our work.


Access materials produced to help regulated companies, interested parties and the general public understand our requirements.

Designated Authorities

Learn about designated authorities at the CER including the staff who hold these designations.

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What we are doing

Plans for the Regulatory Framework

Learn about planned initiatives to improve our Regulatory Framework by accessing our Plans.

Regulatory Cooperation

Learn about our work with other governments, agencies and technical standards committees to develop, share and implement best practices and to reduce regulatory overlap.

Engagement on Regulatory Initiatives

Access information about what we are discussing with Canadians

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