Protecting Canada, Protecting You.

Protecting Canada, Protecting You. [PDF 2202 KB]

Working together to keep the lights on and our energy facilities safe

On the left: Aerial view of Oil Refinery in in Port Moody, Vancouver, BC, Canada and on the right: Montreal At Dusk with lights lit

Energy facilities are vital to Canadians

Oil and gas facilities are found all across Canada and are vital to our energy infrastructure. The federal agencies responsible for keeping energy facilities safe – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Natural Resources Canada and Canada Energy Regulator – are working with the provinces and territories along with the oil and gas industry to prevent any disruption to the energy supply that keeps our homes, vehicles and businesses operating.

We need your help

As energy facility employees and neighbours, you are one of our best sources of information about suspicious activity near energy facilities in your community.

Protect your community and your livelihood. Let us know if you see suspicious activity around energy facilities in your neighbourhood. Call the National Security Information Network at 1-800-420-5805. For an emergency or an act in progress, call 911 or your local police department.

If you have oil and natural gas facilities in your neighbourhood, you can help us to protect them from criminals. Contact your local police or the National Security Information Network if you see any of these activities:

Front view of two RCMP cruiser in rural environment
  • Taking pictures, videos or notes
  • Asking suspicious questions about the facility, its staff or operations
  • Threats against the facility or its employees
  • “Staking out” or monitoring activity
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Suspicious or abandoned packages or deliveries
  • Unauthorized persons on site or trying to access the site
  • Unauthorized vehicles lingering or abandoned near the facility
  • Lost or stolen employee keys or uniforms

See it. Hear it. Report it.
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