Visualize Data

Explore data on Canada's energy sector through fascinating interactive visualizations.

Explore our visualizations, learn how you can interpret energy data, and access research related to these projects.

Interactive Pipeline Map

Explore and download data from this interactive map.

Data Visualization Initiative

The Final Report
[PDF 3818 KB]

A Look Back at the Data Visualization Initiative

A presentation on a  three-year initiative using interactive data visualizations to facilitate transparency and understanding of CER data.
[PDF 4196 KB]

Data Science Course

Free online Data Science course with open data and R studio.

Student Resources

Free lesson plans for Grades 9-12 on the Canadian energy sector.

Visual Data Primer

Learn how data visualizations are made.

Visual Data in Government

How the CER is making data usable and useful.

Government and Digital Engagement Technologies

Finding new ways to connect with citizens in the digital age.

Data Changes Everything (VIS 2019 Best Paper)

Challenges and opportunities in data visualization design handoff.

Data Changes Everything (VIS 2019 Presentation)

Challenges and opportunities in data visualization design handoff.

Exploration Strategies

An investigation of how people discover the functionality of interactive visualizations.

Democratizing Data

An academic abstract detailing the process of creating the CER’s data visualizations.

The Interactions Lab

Meet the University of Calgary’s iLab, who collaborated with the CER on the Data Visualization Initiative.

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