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The CER’s Energy Information core responsibility is closely linked to its mandate and responsibilities under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CER Act), which includes advising and reporting on energy matters. As well, under Part 7 of the CER Act, the Commission of the CER authorizes the export of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and petroleum products, and electricity. The Commission of the CER must not issue an authorization for the export of oil and gas unless it is satisfied that the quantity to be exported is surplus to Canadian requirements. The CER’s monitoring of energy markets and assessments of Canadian energy requirements and trends helps support the discharge of its regulatory responsibilities. This report, Canada’s Energy Future 2023: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2050, is the continuation of the Canada’s Energy Future series, and projects long-term Canadian energy supply and demand trends.

EF2023 was prepared by CER technical staff under the direction of:

Olivera Blagojevic
Director, Energy Outlooks

Bryce van Sluys
Project Lead

Michael Nadew
Project Manager

Matthew Hansen
Technical Leader, energy demand and emissions

Ganesh Doluweera
Technical Leader, electricity and renewables

Mike Johnson
Technical Leader, hydrocarbon supply

Key contributors by section:

Energy demand
Gabi Diner
Carlos Murillo

Eranda Bartholameuz
Michael Nadew

Crude oil
Ryan Safton
Melanie Stogran

Natural Gas and NGLs
Melanie Stogran

Michael Nadew

Kevin Caron

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