Stakeholders we engage

Each day, CER staff engage people and organizations that are impacted by and/or interested in our work. These people provide valuable input into our decisions and how we approach our work. Concerns can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another, and sometimes overlap multiple jurisdictions. Addressing diverse issues requires those affected by CER regulated infrastructure, subject matter experts, government officials and companies to work together. We facilitate collaboration and coordination at both a national and regional level by engaging with the diverse groups outlined below.

People and organizations living and working near pipelines, which includes:

  • Landowners and residents are individuals living on or near land that is occupied by previous, existing or planned energy infrastructure
  • Landowner organizations that represent the interests of broad groups of landowners
  • Communities, community associations, businesses, interest groups, NGOs and recreational groups
  • Municipal governments

As well as regulated companies and Industry associations that support regulated companies. Please visit the Regulated Industry Engagement page for past meeting minutes. 

For information on how the CER engages Indigenous Peoples and governments as well as representatives of Indigenous Peoples, please visit our Indigenous Engagement web page.


Land matters guide

A woman leaning on the rail of a wooden fence with her arms crossed. She is wearing work gloves and baseball cap. A barn and pickup truck are in the background.

Learn about land matters over the life cycle of an energy project.

Living and working near pipelines

Cover sample of the Living and working near pipelines video

Watch this short video to understand more about the risks of living and working near a pipeline and how you can prevent damage to pipelines.

The CER, Energy Projects,
and You

Cover sample of The CER, Energy Projects, and You brochure

Download print (PDF) version or view online (HTML) version

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