Land Matters Group Advisory Committee (AC) Minutes – 26 May 2020

Videoconference Meeting
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
9:00 am to 11:00 am (MST)

In Attendance

In Attendance

Dana Cornea, Chair and Director, Stakeholder Engagement, CER

Carole Léger-Kubeczek, LMG Project Manager, CER

Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Lynn Jacobson
Frank Annau

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Alisha Bhura
Tim Robillard (Pembina Pipeline Corporation)
Graeme Wright (TC Energy Corporation)

International Right of Way Association

Brodie Allen
Jenna Wood

Union des producteurs agricoles

Isabelle Bouffard

Natural Ressources Canada

Lisanne Bazinet
Renée Bazinet

Alberta Energy Regulator

Carey Patterson

Canada Energy Regulator

Marc Boucher
Paul Georgison
Marc Pauzé

Meeting Items

  • 1. Welcome/Introductions

2. Review of March 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes and Agenda for this meeting

  • March 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes approved
  • Agenda approved

3. Members Roundtable Updates

  • No significant issues to report
  • COVID-19 has imposed restrictions, but work is still progressing

4. CER Update

  • Updated communications website and newsletter
  • Posting of a new Technical Leader position – the incumbent will be available to provide support to the LMG

5. Recruitment to the LMG AC

  • Michele Del Colle from the Alberta Farmers’ Advocate Office was presented as a potential candidate to join the LMG AC.
  • The LMG AC voted unanimously to accept the addition of Michele Del Colle.

6. COVID-19 Restrictions and Oversight of Construction Projects

  • Marc Pauzé, Acting Vice President, Field Operations presented the CER’s approach to ongoing oversight of construction projects while maintaining social distance measures to ensure the safety of inspection staff and on-site construction workers.

7. CER Major Projects Updates

  • Filing Manual
  • Onshore Pipeline Regulations
  • Landowner Guide
  • Complaints
  • Cost Apportionment
  • Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committees
  • Gazoduc Engagement
  • Keystone XL Pipeline Engagement

8. LMG AC 2020-2021 Work Plan

  • Review of proposed initiatives planned for the current year.

9. Follow up items and next meeting

  • The CER agreed to forward a number of items identified in the discussion.
  • A date for the next meeting will be determined, based on how the COVID-19 situation evolves and projects get on track for consultation.

10. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. MST.
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