ARCHIVED – Land Matters Group Steering Committee – Meeting Summary – 23 November 2015

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Monday, 23 November 2015
8:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
NEB Hearing Room



Evan Wilson – The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)

Larry Yurkiw – The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)

Isabelle Bouffard – Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)

Pierre Lemieux – Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)

Drew Black – Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA)

Humphrey Banack – Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA)

Jamie Ballem – National Energy Board (NEB)

Tracy Sletto – National Energy Board (NEB)

Elvin  Gowman – BC Farmers' Advocate Office

Meeting minutes will be sent to LMGSC members who were not in attendance, as well as posted on the NEB website.



Whitney Punchak – NEB

Michael Benson and Tom Neufeld – NEB

Fern Hietkamp and Paul Georgison – NEB

NEB support

NEB support:

Dana Cornea, Lorna Patterson, Thea Wingert, Johanna Trembley

Agenda Item, Decisions / Actions / Messages, Updates on Decisions/Actions




1. Welcome

Tracy Sletto is the Chairperson of the LMG Steering Committee


2. Confirm proposed agenda

Agenda confirmed


3. Current Priorities: Round Table

Steering Committee members shared current projects or issues of interest from their organizations



4. Abandonment Research Studies

Drew Black of CFA provided an update on the status of PTAC’s Abandonment research studies

Alan Pentney committed to discussing an early release of the reports to LMGSC members at the next PTAC meeting.

5. Pipeline Safety Act: Damage Prevention Regulations

NEB staff presented an update on the status of Damage Prevention Regulations and inquired if LMGSC members would like to provide feedback on developing guidance on regulations for landowners. Regulations may be available for comment before the next LMGSC meeting

Update to the National Energy Board’s Damage Prevention Regulatory Framework – Amendments to the NEB's Damage Prevention Regulations

6. Sub-committee on easement and lifecycle information for landowners

NEB staff provided an update on the membership of the sub-committee and asked for LMGSC feedback.

Whitney Punchak to provide more information on Sub-Committee during next LMGSC conference call.

7. CEPA Briefing

Evan Wilson of CEPA discussed CEPA’s Industry Performance Report and Pipeline Systems Dialogue.


8. NEB’s Engagement Framework

NEB staff presented an update on the NEB’s Engagement Framework and timing of issuing of the Chair’s Report.


9. Land Matters Group Mandate Discussion

NEB staff facilitated a discussion on the mandate of the LMG, successes and challenges to date, current issues to be addressed, and opportunities for broadening the advisor role for multiple stakeholders.


10. Priority Items for next meeting


  1. Sub-committee follow up during next conference call.
  2. Share PTAC research studies to LMGSC prior to public release
  3. Rethinking of LMG
  4. Discussion around engagement framework
  5. Damage prevention regulation guidance
  6. NEB to keep LMGSC members informed of developments in Ottawa

Item 9: Land Matters Group Mandate Discussion

NEB staff facilitated a discussion on the mandate of the Land Matters Group where the following comments, concerns and questions were raised:

  • Regulators must remain neutral and not appear to be representing landowners or industry.
  • LMG could be used to identify gaps in lands issues (ie: imbalance in capacity during negotiations between landowners and companies).
  • LMG has been successful at providing regular feedback to NEB outside of hearing process.
  • Some social license issues are too complex for LMG but members could help predict issues better.
  • “Synergy” that group once had is lost. Would like to see members talking more and involving each other in the earlier stages of the Project.
  • Would like to see more ENGOs participating in LMG.
  • NEB is expert in energy matters and should be leading research in the area.
  • Some members believe that municipalities should be involved, others were concerned that they would overpower the landowners who are more directly affected.
  • The LMG needs a strong industry presence as well as a non-industry presence.
  • NEB could mandate training (ie: Land Agent training).
  • LMG and NEB should clarify messages that are often conflated by other actors (ie: landowner organizations).
  • NEB should share information so that LMG members can share with their stakeholders.
  • LMG and NEB could work together to create something similar to the BC pipeline database so that it’s very clear for the public where the lines are.
  • If we make LMG broader, we need to be careful not to lose sight of those who are most affected.
  • A broader mandate could give legitimacy to the advice given by the LMG
  • Land owners struggle for a voice, LMG could help them out as long as the scope is clear.
  • Land matters is anything that touches the earth that and is shared between multiple parties (ie: infrastructure, maple orchards, Indigenous rights on Crown lands).
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