Land Matters Group – Advisory Committee Members

The Land Matters Group Advisory Committee provides leadership on land matters by representing the group’s membership and identifying current or emerging land matters. In consultation with group members, the Advisory Committee provides advice on improving CER processes and actions related to land matters. It creates subcommittees as required.

Land Matters Group   Advisory Committee Members

Amy Jarek, VP, Communications and Engagement

Véronique Duhamel, Director, Engagement

Carole Léger-Kubeczek, LMG Project Coordinator

Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Lynn Jacobson

New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners

Ron Smith

Riley Demerchant

BC Farmers Information Service Maria Reschke

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Brian Crews

Manitoba Hydro

Crystal Greenlay

Alec Stuart

Union des producteurs agricoles

Stéphanie Levasseur

Vanessa Desrosiers

Enbridge Inc.

Larry Yurkiw

Sarah McKenzie

TC Energy Corporation

Graeme Wright

Natural Resources Canada

Julie Siddons

International Right of Way Association

Jenna Wood

Josh Vass

Alberta Farmers’ Advocate Office

Darcy Allen

Alberta Energy Regulator

Carey Patterson

Fiona LeBlanc

Canada Energy Regulator

Anne-Marie Erickson, Public Participation

Josh Brading, Director, Public Participation

Paul Georgison, Technical Leader, Construction Oversight

Shannon Neufeld, Technical Leader, Damage Prevention

Lisa Zaplachinski, Public Participation

Amber Butterworth, Socio-economic Specialist, Engagement

Nadia Prévost-Lowry, Socio-economic Specialist, Eastern Region

Ray Yang, Socio-economic Specialist, Pacific Region

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