Engagement principles

Public engagement is an important part of an effective, open and transparent government. Engagement takes many forms, from ongoing collaboration to broad public consultation on complex issues. When engaging with the public, we follow the Government of Canada’s principles of engagement of being transparent, relevant, inclusive, accountable, and adaptable.


We communicate with Canadians about engagement opportunities. We let Canadians know the purpose of engagement and how their input will be used.


We listen and talk to interested and affected Canadians about issues that matter to them. When we convene participants, we are clear about what is up for discussion and the scope of change possible.


We engage with people who have a range of views and perspectives that reflect the diversity within Canada. We reduce barriers to participation, whether physical, cultural, geographical, linguistic, digital, or other. We offer a variety of channels and methods through which to engage.


We commit to sharing what we hear from participants. We explain our decisions including how input was used or considered.


We commit to learning and adapting our approaches. We promote a culture of engagement, consultation, and collaboration across the public service. We build on our successes, learn from our failures, and share our experiences.

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