Backgrounder: By the Numbers

Trans Mountain Expansion Project

The Project

987 km of new pipeline

89% of pipeline parallels the existing pipeline disturbance

193 km of existing pipeline reactivated

890,000 barrels per day (BPD) of oil to be shipped, an increase from 300,000 bpd

$5.4 billion to build

The Review Process

686 days from when the hearing began to when the record closed.

316 days were excluded from this timeline (two separate occasions) to allow the board to gather more information

15,000 pages in the original application

Tens of thousands of pages of evidence filed and reviewed by the Board

507 information requestsFootnote 1 sent by the Board to Trans Mountain

17,000 information requests sent by Intervenors to Trans Mountain

$3 million participant funding awarded to support participation in the review process.

131 potentially affected Aboriginal communities and organization were sent a letter informing them of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and encouraging them to get involved.

22 Aboriginal groups met with NEB staff to discuss process between Nov 2013 and Feb 2014

214 people attended in-person and online sessions between Oct and December 2013

2,118 applications to participate were received by the NEB in February 2014.

78% of applicants were granted participation status in the hearing in April 2014

  • 400 requested and were granted intervenor status
  • 798 requested and were granted commenter status
  • 452 requested intervenor status and were granted commenter status

73 Aboriginal participantsFootnote 2

9 Federal Government participants

29 Municipal Government participants

35 Indigenous groups and individuals delivered Oral Traditional Evidence over 20 days in 5 locations from August 2014 to January 2015

43 additional applications to participate received for the proposed new corridor through Burnaby Mountain.

  • 4 requested & were granted intervenor status
  • 6 requested & were granted commenter status
  • 23 requested intervenor status & were granted commenter status

104 intervenors filed evidence

378 letters of comment received

291 motions and review applications

121 rulings on motions or review and variance applications (sometimes an aggregate ruling for multiple motions)

74 intervenors delivered oral summary argument over 15 days in Burnaby and Calgary

The Conditions

157 Conditions are attached to the final recommendation. Some conditions apply throughout the lifecycle of the project and may have no specific filing requirement; others will require the company to file information on a specific timeline. See Chapter 1 of the Report for a table which illustrates that conditions sometimes apply to multiple disciplines, and require fulfillment at the appropriate stage of the regulatory lifecycle.

Regulatory and/or overarching 9
Engineering and Safety 53
Environment 49
  • including Air Emissions and Greenhouse Gasses
Socio-economic 35
Emergency management 15
Project-related marine shipping 6
Economics, finance and Markets 2
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