National Energy Board Information Session

National Energy Board Information Session – Peace River Mainline Abandonment Project – NEB Hearing Process [PDF 1377 KB]

Peace River Mainline Abandonment Project

NEB Hearing Process

February 2017

Presentation Overview

  • Who we are
  • What we do
    • Adjudication
    • Safety and environmental oversight
    • Energy information
  • NGTL’s Peace River Mainline Abandonment Project
  • Steps in the Public Hearing Process
  • How to Participate in a Public Hearing
  • Participant Funding
  • Questions and Answers

Who we are

NEB staff at public information meeting
Inspectors inside an Oil Spill Containment and Response trailer
NEB inspector onsite with a landowner
NEB Hearing Panel

What we do

Lifecycle Regulation

Lifecycle Regulation
Lifecycle Regulation
  • Application
    • Adjudication
  • Construction
    • Safety and Environmental Oversight
  • Operation
    • Adjudication
  • Abandonment
  • Energy Information

What we do: Adjudication

The Canadian Public Interest

  • The interests of all Canadians, including citizens, municipalities, Indigenous Peoples and landowners.
  • A balance of economic, environmental and social interests that change as society’s values and preferences change over time.

What we do: Adjudication (cont'd)

Environmental Assessments

Male deer
Inspector collecting a water sample
Inspector walks a watercourse

What we do: Safety and Environmental Oversight

Map of Major Pipeline Systems regulated by NEB

What we do: Safety and Environmental Oversight (cont'd)

Safety and Environmental Oversight
Planning Public Hearing Construction Operation Abandonment Hearing Abandonment Activities
  • Public and Indigenous Engagement
  • Participant Funding Program
  • Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Application Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Public and Indigenous Participation
  • Participant Funding Program
  • NEB Report
  • ADR
  • Inspections
  • Condition Compliance
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Issue Resolution
  • ADR
  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Remediation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Issue Resolution
  • ADR
  • Same tools as Public Hearing phase
  • Inspections
  • Condition Compliance
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Remediation
  • Issue Resolution
  • ADR

What we do: Safety and Environmental Oversight (cont'd)

Compliance and Enforcement

2015 Compliance Activities
2015 Compliance Activities
Inspections 142
Emergency Exercises 20
Emergency Procedures Manual Review 13
Compliance Meetings 137
Audits 6
Report Reviews 30
Total: 348
2015 Enforcement Actions
2015 Enforcement Actions
Notices of Non-Compliance 143
Inspection Officer Orders 4
Safety Orders 8
Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) 12

What we do: Energy Information

Cover page - Energy Market Assessment, Wind turbines and solar panels, Natural gas stove top burner, Hydroelectric dam, Large truck driving down a road, Natural gas infrastructure covered in frost

What we do: Continuous Improvement

Three stick figures with upwards arrow

NGTL’s Proposed Peace River Mainline Abandonment Project

  • Pipeline length: 266 km
  • Project:
    • 257 km abandoned in place, 9 km at Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Reserve Land removed
    • 2.34 km Watino Lateral Pipeline, 0.80 km Hotchkiss North Lateral abandoned
    • Removal of associated above ground facilities
  • Date to apply to participate:
    • 23 February – 16 March 2017
  • Deadline for PFP applications: The application deadline has passed.

NEB Hearing Process

The Company files the Application:

  • Includes details about the project
  • Information requirements for the application are in the Board’s Filing Manual
  • Board determines if information in application is sufficient to proceed
Cover page - Filing Manual

NEB Hearing Process (cont’d)

Notice of Hearing

Application to Participate

Hearing Order

Written Hearing

Possible Oral Hearing

Hearing Adjourned

Board Considers Evidence

Decision Released

Applying to Participate

  • Submit application before deadline
  • Must include detailed information on:
    • How you will be ‘Directly Affected’ AND/OR
    • How you have ‘Relevant Information’ or ‘Expertise’
  • Board will decide:
    • Who can participate
    • How they can participate
  • Your application must be complete

Participating in the Public Hearing

Examples of methods of participation include:

  • Writing a Letter of Comment
  • Participating as an Intervenor
Woman speaks at podium


  • To share views in writing, with supporting information
  • To propose conditions, should the project be approved
  • Instructions for filing a Letter of Comment will be sent to approved commenters
  • Once your letter is filed, it is a public document
  • Commenters are not eligible for participant funding
Hand holding pen


  • You can:
    • File evidence
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Give final argument
  • Parties with common interests can intervene as a group
  • Eligible for participant funding
NEB Hearing

Participant Funding Program (PFP)

  • Contribution program independent of hearing process
  • Participant funding available announced on website
    • $500,000 announced on 18 October 2016
  • Funding maximums for this hearing:
    • up to $80,000 for a group
    • up to $12,000 for an individual
  • Deadline to apply: same as ATP
  • Basis of payment: reimbursement of eligible costs incurred and claim in accordance with contribution agreement

PFP Contact Information

Suburban backyards

Questions and Discussion

Machinery working in agricultural fields
NEB Inspector speaks to two workers
Boy rides on man’s shoulders

Process Advisor

  • To help participants understand the hearing process via:
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Online Workshops
  • Can only discuss process-related matters
  • Cannot make your case for you
NEB Hearing

NEB Contact

NEB Project Website/Project Update Sign-up:

Aboriginal Engagement
Courtney Bloor:
Thea Wingert:

Process Advisor:
Brian Lam, M.A., M.P.A.:

Participant Funding:

National Energy Board
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265

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