North Montney At A Glance

A snapshot of Hearing details

  • On 8 November 2013 the National Energy Board (NEB or Board) received the NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) North Montney Mainline application (the Project) and on 21 January 2014 the Board determined it was complete to proceed to assessment. This assessment was to be completed within 15 months or by 21 April 2015, as required by the NEB Act.
  • The Project includes the construction and operation of a new sweet natural gas pipeline and facilities, connecting NGTL’s Groundbirch Mainline to the North Montney area in northeastern British Columbia.
  • The Project is designed to transport sweet natural gas from the North Montney area through the NGTL System and connected pipelines to gas markets across North America including the proposed Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Pipeline which ultimately would provide liquefied natural gas to global markets.
  • The Project is 301 km in length and consists of two sections of 1066.8mm (42-inch) diameter pipeline, 3 compressor stations, 14 receipt meter stations, 1 delivery meter station, 1 bi-directional storage meter station and related facilities, including stockpile sites, laydown areas, borrow pits/dugouts, contractor yards and construction camps. NGTL’s application included a request for an order regarding the treatment of costs and the calculation of tolls for services on the applied-for facilities.
  • A Hearing Order was released on 5 February 2014 outlining how affected individuals and groups could participate and the issues that the Board would consider.
  • The Board accepted 51 applicants to participate in the hearing either as Intevenors or Commenters. There were 39 Intervenors and 12 Commenters.
  • Applications to Participate were received and accepted from 37 commercial parties, 3 government bodies, 7 Aboriginal groups (one withdrew) and 4 landowners.
  • There were extensive written and oral portions to the hearing process.
  • The written process included the filing of evidence and letters of comment, information requests and corresponding responses, written motions and Board rulings, and final and reply argument. The Board directed six rounds of Board information requests to NGTL and to some Intervenors. Parties also submitted information requests to each other. All responses to information requests were filed on the public record.
  • The oral portion of the hearing occurred in two locations. The written evidence filed on the public record was tested by oral cross examination before the Board during oral portions of the hearing in Calgary, Alberta and Fort St. John, British Columbia. Oral Aboriginal traditional knowledge evidence was also heard in Fort. St. John. The hearings took place over a total of 17 days.
  • Board members consider all the information on the public record and make decisions and recommendations in respect of the public interest, which include conditions that the Applicant must comply with.
  • The majority of the Board recommends that a Certificate be issued to construct and operate the proposed North Montney Mainline pipeline.
  • The NEB Report was released 15 April 2015. The 212 page report provides substantive information on the reasoning behind the recommendations and decisions.
  • The Report also contains the Board’s recommendation to the Governor in Council on the construction and operation of the pipeline. The majority of the Board recommended approval, subject to 45 conditions.
  • One member of the Panel was not of the view that the entire Project should proceed, as a portion of the proposed pipeline and associated facility would traverse land that is of special significance to First Nations. See section 7.7 and section 11.1 [Filing A69520] for complete details.
  • The Report contains the Board’s approval of the applied-for rolled-in tolling design during a transition period, on conditions. The conditions include a requirement for NGTL to maintain a separate cost pool and separate accounting records for the Project. When North Montney gas production is first delivered at the Mackie Creek Interconnection, proposed to come into service in approximately 2019, NGTL will have the option of applying to the Board for a revised tolling methodology or will have the option of implementing stand-alone tolling on the Project. See Chapter 3 [Filing A69520] for complete details.
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