ITC Lake Erie Connector LLC – Lake Erie Connector Project

ITC Lake Erie Connector LLC (ITC)

January 19, 2017: the NEB approved the ITC Lake Erie Connector Project.

Next step: As required by federal legislation, the NEB’s decision to issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the project must be approved by Cabinet.

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Project Information

ITC Lake Erie Connector LLC (ITC) filed its project application [Filing A70152] for approval to construct and operate an International Power Line (IPL) greater than 50kV called the Lake Erie Connector Project (Lake Erie Connector or the Project) on 22 May 2015. The project, if approved, would consist of three distinct components: HVDC converter stations and facilities, terrestrial cable systems, and under water cable systems. The project would run from Nanticoke, Haldimand County, Ontario, to Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Project map

This map provides an overview of the project.

Lake Erie Connector Project Map

View larger PDF version [PDF 1124 KB]

Hearing process updates

  • January 19, 2017: The Board issues its decision and approves the project [Filing A81375]
  • June 6, 2016: The NEB advises participants of the schedule of remaining steps in the hearing process and the applicable deadlines. [Filing A77405]
  • May 3, 2016: The NEB advises participants that the Hearing will be conducted by means of a written process. [Filing A76735]
  • December 15, 2015: An updated timetable of events is available. [Filing A74753]
  • December 15, 2015: The list of participants was issued. [Filing A74752]
  • November 9-27, 2015: The Application to Participate form was available.
  • October 21, 2015: The NEB issued a Hearing Order [Filing A73327] after finding that the application was sufficiently complete for review.

Review of the project

Hearing Process Diagram

Above: Typical hearing process. Note that engagement is a continuous process.

Support for participants

Process Advisor

The NEB has assigned a Process Advisor for this project. The Process Advisor’s role is to support the public (e.g., landowners, concerned citizens, environmental non-governmental organizations) and the Aboriginal groups that are participating in public hearings.

For more information, please contact a Process Advisor.

Applications to participate

The Application to Participate (ATP) process was held from November 9-27, 2015. The process is now closed.

The list of participants has been issued. [Filing A74752]

Information sessions

The NEB offers a series of online Information Sessions to those who have an interest in learning more about the Board and its processes.

  • ITC Lake Erie Connector Project and the NEB Hearing Process [The NEB 101]
    • About the NEB
    • Steps the hearing process
    • How to participate in the hearing
    • Participant Funding Program

Additional sessions will be held upon request. For more information, please contact Nancy MacWhirter or Krista Wandler by calling 1-800-899-1265 (toll free) or by sending an email to

Participant Funding Program

Refer to the Participant Funding Program page for information. Awards are announced in the Participant Funding Report.


Regulatory documents

During the NEB’s review of this project, all evidence, letters of comment, Board decisions and other relevant documents must be filed with the NEB and placed on the Board's online document repository. These documents are all accessible to the public. You can find these documents here: [Folder 2785333].

List of Issues

The Board has identified, but does not limit itself to, the following issues for consideration in the hearing with respect to the construction and operation of the proposed project:

  1. The need for the Project.
  2. The economic feasibility of the Project.
  3. The potential commercial impacts of the Project.
  4. The suitability of the design, construction and operation of the Project.
  5. Safety and security during construction and operation of the Project, including emergency response planning and third-party damage prevention.
  6. Potential impact on the bulk power system, including neighbouring jurisdictions.
  7. The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the Project, including any cumulative environmental effects that are likely to result from the Project, including those required to be considered by the NEB’s Electricity Filing Manual.
  8. The appropriateness of the general route and land requirements for the Project.
  9. Potential impacts of the Project on Aboriginal interests.
  10. Potential impacts of the Project on landowners and the use of lands and waters.
  11. The terms and conditions to be included in any recommendation or approval the Board may issue.

News Releases

  • 2017-01-19
    NEB approves power line between Ontario and Pennsylvania
  • 2015-05-20
    Funding available to participate in the NEB’s hearing process for the ITC Lake Erie Connector Project


NEB contact information

Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265
Facsimile (toll free): 1-877-288-8803

Carrie Randall
Regulatory Officer

Canada Energy Regulator
Telephone: 403-613-4539
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265
Facsimile: 403-292-5503
Facsimile (toll free): 1-877-288-8803

Rebecca Brown

Canada Energy Regulator
Telephone: 403-299-3170
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265
Facsimile: 403-292-5503
Facsimile (toll free): 1-877-288-8803

Media Relations Team
Canada Energy Regulator
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265

Applicant's contacts

If you have questions about the project, including whether or not the power line could cross your property, please contact the company.

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