CER reviewing leave to open applications for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

March 15, 2024

The CER is reviewing leave to open (LTO) applications for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. To keep you informed on the status of the applications for LTO, we have created a new web page that provides an overview of the applications that have been submitted and approved.

LTO is the final step in the construction phase. Before a pipeline can go into service, a company must apply for and be granted LTO from the CER. In an LTO application, Trans Mountain must demonstrate that the pipeline, pipeline section or facility is safe to operate. LTO applications are extensive and require detailed engineering information on hydrotesting results and pipeline integrity.

Trans Mountain is submitting multiple LTO applications for pipeline sections and facilities such as pump stations or tanks. Once the Commission approves an LTO application, Trans Mountain can begin using the approved section of the pipeline or facility.

So far, 36 applications have been submitted and 20 approved. We expect the company to submit upwards of 40 applications.

We oversee regulated companies through the entire pipeline lifecycle – from the initial application to construction, operation and abandonment. Once project construction is complete, we will work with our Indigenous monitors to make sure the company follows the required conditions as we did during project assessment and construction.

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