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Appendix C: The Steps in Constructing a Pipeline

Once the company gets approval from the NEB and the land rights have been obtained, pipeline construction generally follows these steps:

  1. The pipeline location is surveyed (often further studies are done as conditions of pre-construction).
  2. Fences are opened along the right-of-way and work space area and may be removed temporarily.
  3. Trees are cleared from the right-of-way and work area.
  4. The layers of topsoil and subsoil are stripped off and each is stored separately.
  5. The ground is graded to provide a smooth and safe work surface.
  6. The pipe sections are laid out in order (“stringing” of the pipe).
  7. The pipe sections are welded together.
  8. The welds are checked using x-ray and/or ultrasonic tests.
  9. The trench for the pipe is dug.
  10. The pipe is coated with a protective layer.
  11. The pipe is lowered into the trench.
  12. The trench is backfilled with subsoil to bury the pipe.
  13. The topsoil is replaced.
  14. The pipe is pressure tested to ensure it can operate safely.
  15. The work site is cleaned up (e.g. fences repaired).
  16. The pipeline is put into operation with the permission/approval of the NEB.
  17. The land is reclaimed.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the NEB’s regulatory process for pipeline projects. We hope this guide has answered many of your questions.

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