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Appendix B: Safety Checklist for Ground Disturbance and Construction Activities Near Pipelines

  1. Plan your activity. Identify the precise location of your work, check records for evidence of pipeline easements or other buried facilities.
  2. Go to the site and look for pipeline warning signs or pipeline marker posts.
  3. Contact the pipeline company and obtain a copy of the pipeline company’s guidelines for constructing a facility, conducting activities causing a ground disturbance, or crossings in the vicinity of a pipeline.
  4. Obtain the pipeline company’s written consent for the construction of facilities across, on, along or under a pipeline, conducting activities causing a ground disturbance in the prescribed area, or crossing a pipeline with a vehicle or mobile equipment.
  5. Make a locate request at least three working days before the day on which the construction or ground disturbance activity is started, by calling the one-call centre, or by calling the pipeline company where there is no one-call centre, to have the pipe located and marked.
  6. Be on site when the pipeline is located, and know the meaning of the pipeline markings.
  7. Review NEB requirements with all persons working on your behalf, including employees, contractors and subcontractors, to ensure they are aware of their obligations. Keep documents with safety requirements and guidance on site.
  8. Expose the pipe by hand digging or other acceptable excavation techniques accepted by the pipeline company prior to any mechanical excavation within three metres of the pipe. Follow the instructions of the pipeline company’s authorized field representative.
  9. Notify the pipeline company prior to backfilling over the pipe or facilities, where the pipe or facilities have been exposed. Follow the instructions of the pipeline company’s authorized field representative.
  10. IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE PIPELINE COMPANY IF YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE PIPE! A small scratch or dent in the pipe’s coating can impact the long term safety of the line and must be assessed by the pipeline company.

Each activity causing a ground disturbance is unique, and this guide cannot deal with all cases. If you need further assistance with respect to the requirements for any construction, ground disturbance, or crossing activity near a federally regulated pipeline, please call us at 1-800-899-1265 and tell the receptionist you are calling about pipeline damage prevention, or email us at DPinfo@cer-rec.gc.ca.

The National Energy Board Act, the Guidance Notes – National Energy Board Regulations for Pipeline Damage Prevention, and other NEB publications are available from the NEB's Library and on the NEB website. Please see the back cover for the Board’s complete contact information.

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