Statistics & Analysis

Statistics and Analysis includes energy statistics and reports on individual energy commodities.

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

  • Canadian Crude Oil Exports by Rail – Monthly Data
    (Canadian exports only 2012-2019)
  • Commodity Tracking System – Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
    (Monthly and annual crude oil statistics and includes dynamic formulation for total exports of crude and petroleum products)
  • Estimated Production of Canadian Crude Oil and Equivalent
    (Latest monthly oil production, by province and type)
  • Weekly Crude Run Summary and Data
    Volume, year to date average
  • Crude Oil Annual Export Summary
  • North American Crude Oil Refinery and Upgrader Capacity

Electricity (including Renewables)

  • Commodity Tracking System – Electricity
    (Annual and monthly exports and imports by source, destination, authorization – includes TB1, TB2(A,B), TB3(A,B)))
  • Electricity Export Authorizations
    (Current list of valid CER electricity export permits (updated quarterly))
  • Electricity Annual Trade Summary 
  • Analysis and Publications

Natural Gas

  • Marketable natural gas in Canada
    (Monthly natural gas production (Canada, by province))
  • Natural Gas Annual Trade Summary
  • Commodity Tracking System (CTS) – Natural Gas
    (Monthly and annual natural gas statistics; dynamic formulation including province, year, month, imports, exports, port and LNG)
  • Analysis and Publications 

Natural Gas Liquids

  • Propane and Butanes Annual Export Summary
  • Commodity Tracking System (CTS) – Natural Gas Liquids (Export volume by mode of transportation, destination; Export volume and price; propane and butanes)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Underground Inventories in Canada (Propane and Butanes)
    (Monthly underground inventories of propane and butanes stocks for Canada, Western Canada and Eastern Canada)
  • Analysis and Publications
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