On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the National Energy Board (NEB) became the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). For further information please visit our Implementing the Canadian Energy Regulator Act information page

Exploring Canada’s Energy Future: Student Resources

The National Energy Board, together with Ingenium, have developed educational activities based on Canada’s forecasted energy demand and supply.

Targeted at high school students between the grades of 9 and 11 the activities encourage students and educators to explore Canada’s energy ecosystem using an interactive tool to help guide the way. This tool allows users explore how the future of energy in Canada over the long term.

Below you will find links to the material and student resources for those working through the activities.


If you are working through the activities in the lesson plan here are a few helpful links and resources.

Provincial and Energy Territorial Profiles
How Canadians use energy varies as much as how Canadians produce it. Learn more about your region and others!

Market Snapshots
Learn about emerging trends in energy markets.

Canada’s Energy Future Reports
Read the analytical report that the Explore Canada’s Energy Future tool is based on.

Explore Canada’s Energy Futures – Methodology
How the data for the Energy Futures visualization came together.

Energy Fact Book 2016-2017 [PDF 2710 KB] – Natural Resources Canada
Basic facts about energy in Canada

Additional Statistics Canada data to help understand Canadian energy trends:

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