Data Visualization

Visualize Data

Explore data on Canada's energy sector through fascinating interactive visualizations.

Explore our visualizations, learn how you can interpret our energy data, and discover how our visualizations have been used in research.

Data Visualization Primer

Learn what they are, how they are made, and why we need them

The Interactions Lab

Meet the University of Calgary’s iLab, who collaborated with the CER on the Data Visualization Initiative.

Digital Government

The CER faces the challenge of producing usable and useful data head-on with data visualization.

Democratizing Data

A fascinating academic abstract detailing the process of creating the CER’s data visualizations.

Free Course

An introduction to Data Science with a free course on Open Data sets and R Studio.

A Unique Collaboration

How the CER worked with the University of Calgary to make their data more accessible.

Open Government

12 ways the CER is leading the path to transparency.

Pipeline Incident Prevention

How data is used to analyze and help prevent accidents and build context.

A Novel Idea

University of Calgary master’s student’s novel study tool inspires CER’s incidents data visualization.

Lesson Plans

A teachers’ guide to help students understand the importance of energy in Canada.

Art and Data

Artists and data experts work together to create compelling visualizations.

Exploration Strategies

An investigation of how people discover the functionality of interactive visualizations.

Data Changes Everything

Challenges and opportunities in data visualization design handoff.

InnoVis 2019 Best Paper

The University of Calgary’s iLab presents their award winning paper entitled Data Changes Everything.

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