Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Process

The new Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure, linked below, will provide the NEB with a formalized way to receive, track and handle confidential disclosures with respect to activities at NEB regulated pipelines and facilities. The NEB has long encouraged the reporting of non-compliances associated with regulated companies. The refinement of the NEB’s internal processes for the receipt and assessment of confidential disclosures is a result of an increased volume of reports over the past two years.

The procedure will lead to a new online anonymous reporting tool and mechanism for confidential communication with tipsters. Based on a wide review of best practices, it also establishes roles within the NEB responsible for guarding the security and confidentiality of the disclosure and assessing the information received to determine follow-up actions. Work has already begun to implement this procedure, including the training of staff and establishment of a specialized team to assess potential disclosures. Once fully implemented, the procedure will allow potential tipsters to fill out an anonymous online report that will be used for communication and the secure storage and handling of disclosures. Current reporting methods, listed below, should be used until the new form is finalized.

Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure

Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) research documents:

To help guide the formation of the NEB’s new Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure, the NEB hired an external contractor to provide a Research and Analysis document, as well as a Gap Analysis of the previous approach to confidential disclosure. In the interest of openness and transparency, the NEB is making these documents available to the public.

The information provided in these reports have been provided by an external source. The National Energy Board is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources. The information provided in this report does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NEB.  The information provided in this document does not constitute legal advice. Readers should not rely upon the information contained therein as legal advice or to assist them in making personal decisions.  Content provided by external sources is not subject to official languages, privacy and accessibility requirements.

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The safety of workers, the public and the environment is the NEB's top priority, and it is imperative that the companies we regulate meet the requirements set out in our regulations. We take all reports of non-compliance seriously, and we will take enforcement action if we discover that our regulations are not being followed.

If you have information about a company not complying with NEB requirements that you would like to report, you can contact us by mail, phone, email or using the comment form below. You may submit your information anonymously, but in order for us to follow up on your report we may need to contact you to get additional details.

While measures will be taken to protect the identity of any person making a report, please be advised that the NEB does not have the authority to guarantee confidentiality if compelled by a court to provide information. If the issue you wish to report pertains to health and safety in the workplace please state this in your report as the Canada Labour Code does give Health and Safety Officers the legal authority to protect the identity of whistleblowers in certain circumstances.

If the matter you wish to report poses an immediate threat to public safety or the environment please call our emergency line at 403-807-9473.

For all other matters, please fill in the following contact form or contact us at:

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