Fish spawning deterrents update

September 28, 2017 – Calgary, Alberta – National Energy Board

On September 14, 2017, National Energy Board (NEB) staff learned that Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC (Trans Mountain) had installed fish spawning deterrents within one watercourse along the new pipeline route. The NEB considers this to be an activity within the definition of construction which is set out in the Project Certificate, and the start of construction has not yet been authorized in these areas.

After confirming this information, the NEB issued a Letter of Direction on September 22, 2017 [Filing A86239] directing the company to cease further installation of spawning deterrents on the project. NEB staff has now received additional information from the company in regard to these deterrents.

Trans Mountain has advised that it has installed deterrents in a total of eight salmon and trout bearing watercourses, seven located in the Valemount/Blue River BC area and one located in the Hinton, AB area. Trans Mountain confirms that all field activity associated with the installation of the five remaining deterrents scheduled for fall 2017 has ceased.

As part of its assessment of condition compliance filings [Filing A84547], the NEB was aware that Trans Mountain had proposed using the measure as a means to mitigate environmental harm to fish and fish habitat in some locations. These measures were accepted as part of Trans Mountain’s compliance filings related to Condition 43 [Filing A85838]. However, all applicable condition authorizations are required before construction can commence.

The Board is continuing with its assessment and has not yet received a request from Trans Mountain to seek approval to proceed with the remaining planned spawning deterrents.

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