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Complaint Resolution

Complaing Resolution

What is a complaint?

A complaint is any written or verbal communication received from an affected party who has unresolved issues or concerns that can be considered under the NEB’s mandate and jurisdiction.

Who can submit a complaint?

Complaints can be submitted by any affected party. An affected party could be a landowner, an Indigenous group, or any company or association whose land, business, home, traditional, or recreational activities are directly impacted by a NEB-regulated company or its activities.

What does the NEB do with complaints it receives?

The NEB assesses all complaints submitted and works with the parties involved to decide on the best approach to try to resolve the complaint. The NEB expects parties to make a substantial effort to resolve concerns before coming to the Board. The resolution method(s) implemented for a complaint may vary for each case, depending on the complexity of the issues involved. Complaints are typically resolved through one of two processes – Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or Board Adjudication.

Want to know more about ADR and whether it might be an option?

For information on ADR, please see the Alternative Dispute Resolution snapshot on the NEB website.

What happens if I want the Board to decide?

A Board decision, also known as adjudication, is a quasi-judicial process in which the Board considers all of the evidence from the parties in a formal process and makes its decision. Depending on the nature and circumstances of the complaint, Board adjudication could involve one or more Board Members to reach a decision.

How do I file a Complaint?

Any affected party can complete the Complaint Form and submit it to the NEB to initiate the complaint process. Click here to access the Complaint Form [PDF 72 KB].

Once you have downloaded the form and filled it out, you can mail or fax it to the NEB. The NEB will follow up with you within 10 calendar days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to obtain additional information if required.

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