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Exploring Canada’s energy future

Issue: Using data visualizations at the National Energy Board

Exploring Canada’s energy future [PDF 2005 KB]

Explore the sources of energy used to fuel the needs of the various sectors
– residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation

The National Energy Board (NEB) worked together with leading data visualization experts in both academia and industry to create the Exploring Canada’s Energy Future interactive online tool. This pilot concept, based on our flagship publication – Canada’s Energy Future 2016: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2040, gives Canadians a taste of the exciting new way the NEB will share data going forward.

The objective is to present quality data from our most recent energy outlook in an interactive graphic format that is user-friendly and clarifies complex information into “visualizations” that are easily understood.

With a few clicks, Canadians can see the type and quantity of energy produced and required in every province and territory, and what that energy mix is forecast to look like decades into the future. These visualizations have more than 200 million unique possibilities. With the degree of customization and interaction built into this tool, each user can tell the story that most interests them.

Explore Canada’s energy future

Zero in on just your specific province or territory, or multiple; look at energy demand, oil or gas production and electricity generated.

Compares the relative amount of electricity generated by various energy sources across the provinces and territories for a given year. Help features are available for each element and visualization.

Explore the impact of key uncertainties on future energy trends, such as higher or lower energy prices, higher LNG exports or No LNG exports, or not building crude oil export pipelines.

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