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The NEB’s Participant Funding Program

The NEB’s Participant Funding Program

Issue: NEB participant funding program supports public engagement

NEB participant funding program supports public engagement [PDF 2471 KB]

The public, including Indigenous peoples, are an important source of local and traditional knowledge about a project’s physical site and potential impacts. Public participation in hearings helps both project proponents and the NEB better understand and respond to public concerns. Hearing participation often involves costs related to travel, evidence preparation, and the hiring of lawyers and experts, among other expenses. The NEB values inclusive hearings, and the goal of participant funding is to reduce potential financial impediments to public participation.

Since 2010, the NEB’s Participant Funding Program (PFP) has provided financial assistance to individuals, Indigenous peoples, and nonindustry not-for-profit organizations to participate in public hearings and environmental assessments of NEB-regulated projects.

To date, the PFP has announced more than $16 million for participation in 18 eligible public hearings, including funding for the Energy East and Eastern Mainline hearing, which was doubled from $5 to $10 million on 22 June 2016 – the largest amount to date for a hearing. The PFP reimburses eligible costs incurred by funding recipients. It is designed to assist with, and not necessarily cover, the full cost of participation.

Funding Recipients by Category

Funding Recipients by Category

Source: NEB Calculations

Description: This pie chart shows the share of total PFP funding recipients by category: Indigenous groups accounted for 79 per cent, Landowners for 11 per cent, and Experts and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for 10 per cent.

PFP awards are proactively disclosed to the public on a quarterly basis. For more information on the program, please visit the PFP section of the NEB’s website.

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