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Filing Manual – Chapter 2 – Instructions to Users

2.1 Process Flowchart

A flowchart has been provided in Figure 2-1 to guide applicants through the process of:

  • determining what type of filing must be submitted (i.e., physical project application, applications not for physical projects or an information filing); and
  • identifying what information must be included in the filing.

Figure 2-1 Process Flowchart [PDF 59 KB]

An important consideration for applicants to remember while working through the flowchart is that an application may trigger various sections of the NEB Act and regulations, and therefore, applicants should work through all steps of the flowchart until reaching an end point.

The guidance boxes within the flowchart indicate the requirements that must be fulfilled and direct the applicant to the appropriate location in the Manual for the specific filing requirements. Following the flowchart from the start to finish assures that applicants will have identified each of the elements essential to a filing.

2.2 Steps to Work through the Flowchart

Flowchart Symbols

The flowchart uses standard symbols to represent the process for completing a filing. The symbols are as follows:

Standard symbols use to represent the process for completing a filing
starting point starting point
decision required decision required
guidance or direction guidance or direction
relevant guide and corresponding section of the NEB Act or regulation identified relevant guide and corresponding section of the NEB Act or regulation identified
chapter identifiers chapter identifiers
NEB referenced documents NEB referenced documents
stop point stop point

Please remember that the Manual and therefore this flowchart, applies only to applications and filings under the NEB Act and the regulations under the NEB Act.


  1. Begin at the green "Start" circle in the upper left corner.
  2. Is the potential filing an application or information filing?
  3. If the potential filing is an information filing, complete the appropriate reports (see Chapter 6 for details).
  4. If the potential filing is an application, complete the common application information (outlined in the yellow box). See Chapter 3 for details.
  5. If the application is for a physical project, complete the base application requirements and begin to work across the flowchart. Working across the flowchart will require that you answer certain questions to determine what sections of the NEB Act or regulations are triggered (see also Table 2-1). Any sections triggered will require an application pursuant to the triggered section(s). See Chapter 4 for details.
  6. If the application is not for a physical project, follow the flowchart down the left side and see Chapter 5 for supporting information.

2.3 Regulatory Listing

Table 2-1 lists the sections of the NEB Act and regulations that have been identified within this Manual as requiring an application to the Board. The corresponding Guide is also included.

Table 2-1:
Sections of NEB Act and Regulations
Requiring Applications

Table 2-1: Sections of NEB Act and Regulations
Application Description Relevant Legislation Section(s) Guide ID
Addition or modification of facilities NEB Act 52,58 Guide A
Abandonment NEB Act 74(d) Guide B
Protection of Pipelines from Ground Disturbance, Facility Construction, Crossings and Mining Operations NEB Act 81,112 Guide C
Deviations NEB Act 45 Guide D
Change in Class Locations OPR 42 Guide E
Change of Service or Increase in Maximum Operating Pressure OPR 43 Guide F
Deactivation OPR 44 Guide G
Reactivation OPR 45 Guide H
Processing Plants: Facility Deactivations and Reactivations PPR 42,43 Guide I
Commodity Pipeline Systems NEB Act   Guide J
Decommissioning OPR
Guide K
Reviewing or Amending a NEB Decision NEB Act 21 Guide O
Tolls and tariffs NEB Act Part IV Guide P
Export & Import Authorizations NEB Act Part VI Guide Q
Transfer of Ownership, Lease or Amalgamation NEB Act 74(a), (b), (c) Guide R
Access on a Pipeline NEB Act 71 Guide S
Leave to Open NEB Act 47 Guide T
Information Filed Respecting PPBoR and Notices NEB Act 34 Guide U
Right-of-Entry Application NEB Act 104 Guide V
Requirements for Substituted Service Applications Guide W Substituted Service Regulations   Guide W
Post Certificate/Order Information     Guide AA
Financial Surveillance Reports     Guide BB
Import and Export Reporting Regulation Requirements Export and Import Reporting Regulations   Guide CC
Leave to make contact with, alter, or remove an abandoned pipeline NEB Act 48.1(1) Contact the Board
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