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Céline Sirois Céline Sirois
As part of the Board's Technical Leadership for regulatory improvement initiatives, I get to design and manage public consultation processes with a wide variety of our stakeholders including landowners, Aboriginal groups, environmental non-government organizations, industry representatives, and other governments. This allows me to hear and better understand, first-hand, the issues and perspectives the Board must be mindful of when it makes decisions in the public interest. It's important for me to know that the technical advice I give to Members and staff is both relevant and responsive to those it could affect. And given the Board is a lifecycle regulator, from coast to coast to coast, there's never any shortage of interesting projects to choose from!

I really appreciate the Board's flexible work arrangements as well. Most years I take advantage of leave without pay options to pursue all the sporting and travel plans I have that can't possibly be squeezed into regular vacation time.

Chris van EgmondChris van Egmond
The NEB has given me the opportunity try out many different career paths since I started here in 1991 as a pipeline engineer. My initial role was to assess applications and work on pipeline integrity issues. I then moved on to managing facility hearings which led to a position as a Team Leader in the Applications Business Unit; and so began my career in leadership.

Later I moved over to Operations and led a couple of teams primarily focused on pipeline integrity and compliance verification - everyone from engineers and safety specialists to environmental inspectors and landowner complaint specialists. But then it was back to Applications again, however this time as Business Unit Leader - a very demanding job. After three years, it was time for a work-life balance break, so I took an assignment restarting our Project Management Office.

I'm just finishing up a one year assignment leading one of our Human Resources teams - my technical and management background has allowed me to look at the services we provide through a unique lens. Now it's time to move back to my heart's desire - leading one of our Pipeline Integrity Teams in Operations. I'm looking forward to refreshing my engineering skills again and using all the leadership skills that I've honed over the past years to support the Operations business unit.

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